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Design is a way of thinking

Beautiful designs, gorgeous fonts, brilliant colors.. these are the things that rock my world. Even after more than 25 years of designing, good design can still take my breath away.
I also believe the more strange and wonderful thoughts you let into your head, the more varied source material you have to pull from. Design is a way of thinking.

That is why I am a highly motivated and creative designer with extensive experience in providing web- and print solutions for any type of business.

I combine fresh designs with technical expertise, thereby bridging the gaps between design, development and implementation.
  • 2022   ·   Still teaching and still freelancing
  • 2015   ·   Got hired to teach UXD at a college
  • 2005   ·   Decided to go freelance
  • 2000   ·   Honed my craft at multiple companies
  • 1998   ·   Worked for a startup that went bust
  • 1997   ·   MultiMedia Producer diploma, SAE