Swarm Home

This was a fun but challenging project. There were three websites for one company – a shop, a gallery and a site – and it was my task to combine them into a more consistent look and also technically to make it seem like they were all part of one website.

The forming of the main corporate identity was also right down my alley. Combining vintage elements with a modern feel and usability is something that really gets me going. Technically I was also challenged but it eventually worked and the result is something I am quite proud of.

Making a clean, simple to use and intuitive shop and check out was also something I was playing with. I wanted it to retain the feeling of a tactile, organic site while still being commercially up to par.

I also helped with the concept and art direction of the book Me and McDuff, a lovely visual photography book about the client’s dog. You can see some sample pages here!

book me & macduff leslie oschmann

Or check the whole website here: www.swarmhome.com