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Digital Workshopper

This was quite an elaborate project. I was asked to develop an online workshop environment. There were a lot of different kinds of functionality involved; starting up a workshop topic, getting an online discussion going, some online role-playing as well as being able to draw conclusions from the online workshop.

The logo reflects the online discussion which is a large part of the functionality of the tool.

The website itself was designed to be easily accessible, instantly familiar, intuitive as to the flow of communication and also feel like a ‘cozy’ place to be. In addition to that, every client / company needed to have the ability to adjust the site to their own colors and logo. The ‘normal’ website was not done by me, but the ‘workshop section’ was. That can only be accessed if you have an account with them. Here, however, an impression:

In the digital workshop, people had to have the option of actively participating in the discussion. For this I built a facebook-like kind of interface, whereby poeple could ‘like’ their colleague’s good ideas and also add comments; leading the way to a real online discussion!