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Rosenthal Interiors

For this project I was responsible for the whole identity (logo, business cards, stationary etc) but also the website and flyers and folders. Sara Rosenthal has a very high-end business with high-end clients. She likes luxury and elegance and I have tried to capture that in her identity.

A big challenge on the homepage of the website was to incorporate all the different fields she works in – architecture, concepts, consultancy and cosmetics. I solved this by making a small tiled section on the homepage that slides automatically to highlight the different disciplines.


She also needed folders and flyers to give to her prospective customers. Here also there was a lot of information to put into a small amount of space without it getting cluttered. She also works together with 2 others and it was necessary to show the way they overlap or complement each other.

rosenthal interiors

I also designed an advertisement for the KLM in-flight magazine Holland Herald, which was to highlight her specific speciality: spa’s and wellnesses.

And for a new kind of sauna oxygen cabin, it was also necessary to design an accompanying flyer. Lots of green, and nature was asked for this project.

For a taste of style, check her website here.